Sunday, July 5, 2009

That's No Moon...

... it's a space station!

Hey guess what? NASA has tasked the ISS to flyover the United States for the next few weeks, in honor of FREEDOM, so you can finally see that $100 billion orbiting double-wide trailer that everyone loves to hate. I'm pretty sure it will be visible to the naked eye, but if you have a telescope, that is cool too. NASA has a sweet web applet that will tell you the times of flyovers in your area, so fucking get out there and look at it and then comment all about your amazing ISS viewing experiences, right here on PS.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Praise Science Members Unite!

Comfortable couch, but not so practical.

Quick shout out to brainpiece for providing me with a sensory deprivation sleep chamber while I was traveling across the earth at sub-light speeds. Could it have been a precursor to the "First Annual Praise Science Drink-a-Thon: A Night of Boozing with the Stars"?