Sunday, August 29, 2010

Microbes survive space for 553 days.

Scientists credit their thick cell wall. I think it's their name. Either way, there is a great opportunity here to seed the galaxies with Science's greatest gift! (Well, at least the name).

Saturday, August 28, 2010


While this article is certainly interesting, it doesn't explain the eggs we found last week beneath my pregnant Republican cousin's trailer in Appalachia.

Friday, August 27, 2010


No longer just an abstract Dungeons and Dragons concept, a recent medical discovery shows that humans do indeed have a subconscious spacial awareness system. In a situation where a subject had working eyes but no functioning visual cortex to actively interpret what they saw(rendering them clinically blind),emotional recognition and the navigation of an obstacle course still proved possible. While "blindsight" should prove to be no surprise to anyone who has thankfully awoken in their bed after an immemorable night of drinking, it does questions our pre-concieved exemptions of taste for the person that woke beside us.

Here is the full article.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Praise Science Episode VI: Return of the Blog


Oh my Science, it's been a long time since we've all seen each other here on the World's Universe's most important blog, Praise Science. Why has it been so long since we've posted anything on here? That is a good question, one that a group of the world's most renowned scientists are still struggling to come up with an answer for. Until then, it will remain a mystery (hint: it involves an incredible amount of beer, video games, and apathy). BUT WE'RE BACK NOW SO RELAX.

A lot of you suggested cool Science things for us to write about for our amazing comeback post, but shut up all of you, this thing I'm about to post is way better (j slash k we will totally write about the stuff you sent us, just not right now). So without further ado, please click this CLICKY and watch this awesome thing. MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IT WITH THE SOUND ON AND TURN DOWN/OFF THE SOUND ON THE LEFT CLIP. You will feel the Science so hard that you will probably cry (watch all the way until it finishes for a happy ending)!

This footage is from a camera/contact mic rig attached to the hull of the solid rocket booster (big white thing) used to launch the Space Shuttle during the STS-124 mission. The curvature of the earth that you see in the video is actually from the fisheye lens on the camera and not the natural curve, since the SS ditches its rocket boosters at a relatively low altitude.

p.s. Thanks for all your enthusiasm about bringing PS back from the dead. More posts are coming forthwith, really, we swear...