Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Double Trouble in Dinosaur Town

... it's almost a triple meteor!

Now, everyone knows the dinosaurs were wiped out when a meteor crashed into the Yucatan peninsula at Chicxulub with the force of one hundred megatons, which filled the earth's atmosphere with billions of tons of ash, broiled the earth's surface, triggered some of the largest mega-tsunamis ever, ignited world-wide volcanic eruptions, and fractured the planet's crust with countless earthquakes, right? It's simple shit, people.

But now, some scientists in the UK have published evidence suggesting that the dinosaurs were driven to extinction as the result of not one, but TWO meteor impacts! Another meteor impact crater was discovered in Boltysh, Ukraine in 2002. Geologic and fossil remains in the crater show that this meteor impacted a thousand or so years before the Chicxulub meteor and that it created similar extinction-scale conditions. Bummer, dinosaurs. That must have been pretty rough.

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